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"Parade" de Satie
(c) 2016 Yamamura Animation
"Parade" de Satie

Parade de Satie

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Satie's "Parade": Young American

Original music for animation
With Strings Attached
"With Strings Attached"
Willem Breuker Kollektief (1991/2003 BVHAAST)
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Original title: "Parade" de Satie
English: Satie's "Parade"
Spanish: "Parade" de Satie
2016 / 14 minutes 12 seconds/ short animation / French, English, Japanese; Subtitles; English, Spanish, Chinese
A Parade for three managers and four performers. French composer Erik Satie (1866-1925) created the ballet music piece "Parade" in 1916, at the age of 50, and it was first performed in 1917, with Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso taking part to its creation on the scene. The ballet was introduced by the poet Guillaume Apollinaire, who described it by using the term “surrealism” for the very first time. Mixing quotes from Satie’s essays with the music performed by a Dutch jazz band, the Willem Breuker Kollektief, this film is an animated re-creation of “realist ballet” images going beyond reality.
It is coming in 2016 that 150th anniversary Erik Satie and 100th anniversary "Parade".

Musique et texte / Music & text: Erik Satie
Musique interprétée par / Music performed by Willem Breuker Kollektief
Arrangements / Arranged by Willem Breuker
Réalisé et animé par / Directed & animated by Koji Yamamura
Remerciements / Special thanks: Arjen Gorter, Ornella Volta, Catherine Verhelst, Hervé Tougeron, Tokyo University of the Arts
Assistant Sanae Yamamura
Translation: Ilan Nguyên, Spanish translation: Nicolás Guarín, Chinese translation: Yantong Zhu
Production: Yamamura Animation
Distribution: Au Praxinoscope

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Willem Breuker (1944-2010) > BVHAAST
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音楽・文章 エリック・サティ
演奏 ウィレム・ブロイカー楽団
編曲 ウィレム・ブロイカー
監督・アニメーション 山村浩二
協力 アリェン・ゴルター、オルネラ・ヴォルタ, Catherine Verhelst, Hervé Tougeron, 東京藝術大学
助手 山村早苗
翻訳 イラン・グェン、スペイン語翻訳 ニコラス・グアリン、中国語翻訳 朱彦潼
製作 ヤマムラアニメーション
配給 オープラクシノスコープ

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