The Seven Sneezes
"Kushami Ojisan (The Seven Sneezes)"
Text: Olga Cabra, Translation: Komiya Yu, Illustration: Yamamura Koji
Iwanami Shoten
A5, 64 pages
1st edition: 2021.07.28, 2nd edition: 2022.07.223
The uncle sneezed so hard that it created a cloud of dust. What's that? The ears of the cat and the rabbit have switched! The cat cries, the dog meows. A bird in full body and a rooster with a hare's thorax are ....... Animals and children are all weird. What can be done to make things right? A cheerful and funny picture fairy tale with a sneezing sound. 3
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Yamamura Animation, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
Yamamura Koji