A.Vivaldi "The Four Seasons"
| Music Video | November 2017 | Japa | Around 45'00" | HD | 16:9 | No dialogue |
Production: Tokyo University of the Arts
Planning: Sawa Kazuki
Producer: Okamoto Mitsuko
Supervisor of Animation: Yamamura Koji
Animation: Anna Budanova, Priit and Olga Pärn, Wada Astushi and Theodore Ushev

In commemoration of the 130th anniversary of Tokyo University of the Arts in 2017, A. Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" will be animated and performed using AI to keep the timing of the animation in sync with live performance.

2017.11.19 Premiure Kita-kyusyu Hibikin Hall, aiolin: Kazuki Sawa, Hibiki Strings
2018 Animac, Spain
2018 Monstra Lisbonn International Animation Festival, Portgal
2018.10.08 Performed by Covent Garden Soloists Orchestra from London in Vene Teater (Russian Theatre) in Tallinn, Estonia
2019.01 Aratani Theatre inLA, US
National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria 
Castle of Annecy, France
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Expo 2012 Yeosu (Korea) Japan Pavilion
| Exhibition movie | 2012 | Japan |
supervision of exhibition movie: Yamamura Koji
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Map page
Benesse Corporation
TIn my life
In my life
| Music Video | 2001 | Japan | 0'24" | HD | 16:9 | English |
Animation: Yamamura Koji
Video for Keisuke Kuwata 2001AAA (The Beatles) Live Concert.
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Yuyam-dori Tankentai
| Game for Play Station | 1999 | Japan |
Production: Spike
Videos and finishes of some characters: Yamamura Koji
Eddy is Frog
| Interactive Movie | 1998 | Japan | SD | 4:3 | Japanese |
Production: So-net
Production, Direction, Animation: Yamamura Koji
Music: Shimizu Hitomi
Flash interactive movie for So-net "The Story Gate"
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Project V6
| Game for Play Station | 1997 | Japan |
Art Design
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The Absolut Panuhska Website
Website map page
intaractive movie for Saga joy porice
as Art designer
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| Game for CD-Rom | 1996 | Japan |
production: Nikkei Eizo, TV Tokyo, Ponny Canion, Producer: Tezuka Makoto, CV: Kanazuki Mami, Performer: Maeda Misako, Music: Ryushima Kuniaki
as Art director
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Ultraman Kids Let's jump out of the way! Space Picnic
| Education Software | 1995 | Japan |
Animation: Tsuburaya Pro
Director: Yamamura Koji
Education software for SEGA "Pico"
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Intaractive Movie
| Game for CD-Rom | 1995 | Japan |
Character Design
Released by Bandai Visual, produced by Embodiment Films
Pioneer 5 minutes Theater
| Exhibition Video | 1990 | Japan | 5'00" | HD | 16: 9 |
Production: Asahi Promotion
Producer: Sato Hiraku
Animation: Yamamura Koji
Animated part of Hi-Vision exhibition video, combined with live action.
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| Theatrical stage footage | 1989 | Japan | 16mm | 4:3 |
Animation: Koji Yamamura
Animation projected on stage and costume during the Ishin-ha's "echo" play
Yamamura Animation, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
Yamamura Koji