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Polar Bear Bears Boredom (2021)

...I wish there were more proposals like this suitable for children. Above all, because it is very interesting from an artistic point of view. Also, because aesthetically and narratively it bears little resemblance to the predominant animation created for children. Sadly, it is not usual for filmmakers as personal as Koji Yamamura to dedicate a work to this area of the medium.
2021: Polar Bear Bears Boredom (Hokkyoku-Guma Suggoku Hima)
| Animación para adultos | Ray Laguna | 2022 | Spain

Dozsens of Norths (2021)

[…] Yamamura seems to paint a gigantic cosmic freezeframe of suffering, where the more impotent the animation is, the more emergent will be result.
[…] In his filmic journey Yamamura offers up to us a Boschian anatomy of dreams, where the obsessive elements are able to create an iconic language that, in a little over one hour, we will be able to read.
FILMEXPLORER | Text: Giuseppe Di Salvatore | 10 September, 2022 | Switzerland

Another special mention went to Japanese star Koji Yamamura's first feature film (short, though, only an hour of time), Dozens of Norths (Ikuta no kita). And it, it must be said, made an utterly mesmerizing impression. The first thing that fascinated me was Yamamura's fantastic, subtle graphics, not unlike his most recent films, which were both surreal and absurd, or rather the movement of the film itself was absurd. …
Big Cartoon Festival Blog | Zagreb Festival 2022 Part 1 Winners | Dina Goder | July 2022 | Russia

...Dozens of Norths is an especially recommendable proposal for those who conceive animation as an essentially plastic art, for those who are more interested in aesthetics than in history in the conventional sense of the term. Precisely for this reason it will appeal, above all, to viewers interested in experimental proposals that blur the border between cinema and other arts such as painting or music. In fact, perhaps it will be more appreciated if, in the style of the so-called musical compositions, it is analyzed as an audiovisual suite.
2021: Dozens of Norths (Ikuta no kita) | Animation for Adults | Ray Laguna | 2022 | Spain
"Avec ses paysages pétrifiés ou endormis peuplés de figures tantôt reconnaissables, tantôt chimériques, ses mouvements minimalistes, ses lents travellings sur de vastes compositions crayonnées, avec, pour seules paroles, des cartons à la façon du cinéma muet, le premier long métrage de Yamamura Kôji déroute et fascine. "...
"BLINK BLANK # 5" | FILMS & SÉRIES Pléthore de nords Yamamura Kôji "Dans les limbes de l’imaginaire" | Jacques Kermabon | April 2022 | France
Jury Comment
: Special Jury Award for the Feature Films | 8th New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival | 8 November 2021

Nejimura89 | Note | Film review of the fastest film ever made, "TDozens og Norths!2 Maybe this is what an "unprecedented" feature film is all about. ......! | 2021.11.23 | Japan

"The long-awaited first feature from a legend of Japanese animation, this trip through the darkest places on earth more than meets expectation. ...
It feels purposefully like a dream, showing an author falling asleep and two smaller men walking away with his quill like arctic explorers. These are the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of the piece, guiding us through a hellish landscape that feels inspired by both Dante and Kafka in its depiction of sadness and depravity. ...
The result is one of the boldest animated features I’ve seen in a while, a journey through an animation world worthy of inclusion alongside the likes of Pixar, Hertzfeld and Miyazaki. "
Redmond Bacon | DMovies | Dozens of Norths (Ikuta no Kita) | 22 December 2021
" ...the incredible harmony between the animation and the music will make it impossible to imagine any other symbiosis. “Dozens of Norths” is done in the spirit of silent movies, and when Breukner’s tunes are gone, it’s the impeccable sound design by Koji Kasamatsu that takes over with the sound of chilly winds, rusty machines and breaking waves adding to the feeling of deep void and solitude.
...The film doesn’t have a clear plot, just like a dream. What it does have is a magical atmosphere, with every detail executed by Yamamura’s skillful hand. It’s a gem that won’t click with everyone because it requires passion for arthouse animation and concentration."
Marina D. Richter | Asian Movie Pules | Film Review: Dozens of Norths (2021) by Koji Yamamura | 22 December 2021

Doi Nobuaki | Media Arts Current Contents | Feature Length Animation as an Experimental Site, Dully Glowing in the Corona Disaster | 2021.10.25 | Japan

Focusing the details accurately with a rhythm that matches perfectly but shifting into a bird's-eye view makes the viewers lose what happened just a moment ago. Many feature-length animations are based on detailed episodes centered around a solid story and these details make a whole story dense. What happened in this film is the opposite: the details seem to be connected somewhere, but it is possible that they don't have any connections. It makes me feel fun, and I would not be the only one. The high-impact visual that changes in a blink of an eye with some uncanny and humorous melody keeps attracting our eyes. The challenge of deviating from the story, which should be an important element of feature films, makes this film innovative.
Animation Division Excellence Award | 25th Japan Media Arts Festival | March 2022

Satie's "Parade" (2016)

Autre film venu du Japon, le court métrage de Koji Yamamura, « Parade » de Satie, illustration en dessin animé de la pièce musicale composée en 1916 par Erik Satie. Yamamura aussi s’intéresse à la France dans ce nouveau court, parsemant l’ensemble de citations en français de Satie, faisant intervenir artistes de la belle époque, de Cocteau à Picasso, et organisant son film en chapitres, comme l’était la musique. Mais surtout, il n’oublie pas que Satie, en plus de faire partie d’un renouveau du paysage musical du début du siècle, fut proche de l’esprit des avant-gardes comme les surréalistes. Sa musique, à la limite de l’atonal parfois, imprévisible et excentrique, est parfaite pour le style du cinéaste. Alignant des personnages ou objets absurdes et quasi pataphysiques, qu’il anime en rythme par rapport aux différents instruments joués dans le morceau, Yamamura s’amuse à réinventer un mouvement fantaisiste et coloré, complexe et épuré dans un univers connu mais méconnaissable.
Festival d'Annecy, jour 1 : périple asiatique | Revue 24 Images (Canada, Par NICOLAS THYS, 2016.06.13) >Site

Comment: Koji's new film is a real masterpice - fresh, crazy, full of small and big surprises. Surprising is also big stylistic variety of Koji's artworks but even in small details you can always recognize the hand of great artist Yamamura Koji.
-Priit Pärn (Animation Director, Estonia, 2016.04.22)

Article: Animationsfilm zu Erik Saties Ballettmusik „Parade“ Geschmackvoll gezeichnet (Animated film to Erik Satie's ballet “Parade” Tastefully drawnings)
(Germany, Almut Ochsmann、2016.05.17) SWR2 >Site
Interview : Kinema-Junpo the beginning of September issue(20 August 2015, 1Page)
Anime creator 49 people you want to know "Yamamura Koji Short change surrounding the animation"
"Eureka January 2016 extra edition ◎ world of Erik Satie" (Seidosha, 2015.11.27)
[Visual] "Parade" de Satie(color 8 pages),
[Seeking for image] Innocent and innovative, regard the animation "Parade" / interview of Koji Yamamura by Junichi Konuma (11pages)
>Seidosha"Eureka ◎ world of Erik Satie" >amazon

Muybridge's Strings (2011)

Time construction within Koji Yamamura’s animation, Muybridge’s Strings
by Tania de León Yong [4th Internationa Conferece in Illustration & Animation, 10-12 June 2016, Barcelos - Portugual]

Nishikata Film Review (English) [Cathy Munroe Hotes 2012.06.14
« Les cordes de Muybridge » de Koji Yamamura Japanese films at the World Filmfestival, Montreal, 2011 (French) [Claude R. Blouin 2011.09.10]
Movie Information Concentration Site [Cine Soul]: WEB Town Information Okayama Preview & New Review Muybridge's Strings [2012.02.28]
Movie: Movie review: Muybridge's Strings[Kokaji Katsuo YOMIURI ONLINE 2011.09.09]
Muybridge's Strings Japan's proud animator, Yamamura Koji's new work is about time, Suzuki Koyori, And Cinema, 2011.09.13]
The Connection of Time, The Weight of Time -Atsushi Ohara's Animage Don- Obara Atsushi、 2011.09.26]
A fleeting but beautiful video poem about "time" and "love" Review-Thread of Muybridge's Strings [Takeuchi Yuki、UNZIP 2011.09.26]
An adventure named Appreciation [Furukawa Hideo, Nichini Kumamoto Shimbun 2011.10.03, Shikoku Shimbun 2011.10.05, Sanin Chuo Shimbun 2011.10.07, Higashi Oku Nippo 2011.10.15, Jomo Shimbun 2011.10.22, Sanin Shimbun 2011.10.22, Chiba Daily 2011.10.22, Ehime Shimbun 2011.10.24]
The mythical world of Muybridge's Strings [Yokota Masao Animations creators & critics 2011.11.12]
Animals are standing Doi Nobuaki Animations creators & critics 2011.11.12
Unchangeable ephemerality of existence [Ilan NGUYÊN Animations creators & critics 2012.11.11]
Muybridge's Strings is one of the deepest and most interesting works. There is no doubt that Yuri Norstein's achievements in Talk of the Story will be reached. In addition, we value your personal way of exploring the secrets and origins of animation. [Jean-Pierre Pagliano, animation critic]
Great artist Koji Yamamura honors his stunning philosophical meditation. Using a series of photographs of Edward Mybridge's horse, he contrasts with a 21st-century mother watching her daughter grow. One of the most perfect movies we have seen. [2012.10, Igor Kovalev, animation director]
Newpaper: 2011.02.03
anime! anime! 2011.05.26
MSN Sankei news 2011.06.06
Yomiuri Shinbun Yukan [2011.06.17]
Tokyo Shinbun [2011.06.29]< [2011.07.04]
Nippon Keizai Shinbun Yukan[2011.09.03]
Web: Master Interview Animation Meister Vol.7- Japan Media Arts Plaza< BlogMichael Fukushima [2010.11.08]
Coco☆Montreal Short Animation Director: Yamamura Koji [2011.01.20]
Cat's Forehead > Journal Yamamura Animation Interveiw [2011.09]
DOMMUNE TALK LIVE : Yamamura Koji SPECIAL Talk about his new film Muybridge's Strings[2011.09.15]
Dayly Saizo Kurosaka Keita "MIDORI-KO" ×Yamamura Koji "Muybridge's Strings Open Commemorative Talk Part 1/Part 2[2011.09. 16 -17]
Pia"Ito Satori and Movie's fellows"[2011.09. 15]
webDICE "Short animations can be inspired from any trivial event in everyday life" Director Yamamura Koji i¥Interview[2011.09.17]
Animations creation & critics Muybridge's Strings[ by Yamamura Koji 2011.09.20
Movie information intensive site [Cine soul]: WEB Town Okayama Muybridge's Strings Director Yamamura Koji Interview [2012.02.28]
Dialogue between two animation artists A dialogue about "Animation"~Skip city channel[2012.06]
Kodomo Eiga Plus >Column > Movie Work Book 2(Part 1:2012.06.06/Part 2:2012.06.13)
Magazine: Milk N°14 [2011.04.04]
Bref 98 [2011.07 France]
Pict UP#72 [2011.09]
Cinema Junpo Semtember 2011№1593 [201.09.05]
Geijutsu Shincho October 2011 [2011.09.24]
Monthly MOE November 2011[2011.10.03]
TV: “Sunday Museum” Bruegel of Dreams: 10 Masterpieces, NHK[2010.02]
Koukou Kouza, Art, NHK Educational [2011.05]
Takeshi Art☆Beat NNK BS [2011.07]
Chikyu TV "El Mundo" NHK BS1[2011.08.23]
imagine-nation NHK international [2011.09.21]

Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor (2007)

Like seeing psychology with a convex lens ...
Koji Yamamura, who has been producing fruitful plays of “Mt. Head”, “The Old Crocodile"” and absurd drama, challenged Kabuka Honmaru. It uses a convex lens called animation to show the psychology of a person that no one in the world has ever tried. (Kihachiro Kawamoto Animation Artist 2007)

In our minds reading good fantasy stories, things are getting bigger and smaller, frightening and humorous. Koji Yamamura's work tells us that while animation can really do a lot, we only saw a part of it. Humor and fear, beauty and grotesque, profoundness and lightness are intensely mixed for 20 minutes! (Motoyuki Shibata, Professor, Translator, University of Tokyo 2007)
Joy, enjoyment, and laughter do not always occupy life. The pain, duty, harsh reality and sadness are waiting. If you can't help it, how can you decide on a path that doesn't break and walk? Kafka probably knew on the cobblestones of Prague. When facing life, the frozen hands are connected. Hand to connect. The body temperature born there is transmitted from the video of Director Yamamura. (Hajime Kajiwara, Editor-in-Chief of CUKR, Czech Information Magazine 2007)
Yurameki, Furueru Sekai by Doi obuaki Animations creators & critics 2007
"Komik des passiven Körpers: Yamamura Kôji Animationsfilm Kafka - Ein Landarzt (2007)" [Kawashima Kentaro, Körperinszenierungen im japanischen Film 2016]
Metamorphosis as Origin–Yamamura Koji’s Short Animation Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor [Kawashima Kentaro 2019]

The Old Crocodile (2005)

Everything about loneliness in life is documented here. With this one book, you can destroy all your philosophy books. (Fuyuji Aida "invitation" September issue)

The acting and camerawork are up to Yamamura's usual fluid standard, and, at 13 minutes, it's much too short. (by Taylor Jessen, Animation World Network, April 2005, USA) >All review
Chris Grove, Animation Magazine, July 2005, USA
A work that will always be drawn into the light crocodile appearance. (Pickt Up OCT+NOV 2005 Japan)
Koji Yamamura's latest work, "The Old Crocodile" is filled with such primitive charm of animation, backed by delicate technical skills. (Ichiyuki Fukagawa "Esquire "Web Must See 2005 Japan)
"One book that touches the heart"( "The Old Crocodile" Yamamura Koji)>Kodomo no Hon on the Web
"The acting and camerawork are up to Yamamura's usual fluid standard, and, at 13 minutes, it's much too short."
by Taylor Jessen, Animation World Network(April 2005 USA) >Read all reviews(AWN) >QuickTime Clip (AWN)
“If you want or need an antidote to the often predictable formulas of Hollywood studios’ animated fare, look no further than Yamamura Koji’s pencil-drawn film The Old Crocodile.” by Chris Grove, ANIMATION MAGAZINE (July 2005, USA)
Cortometrajes de Koji Yamamura: Mount Heady The Old Crocodile
Jubei Kibagami 2021.05.07, El Armario Animado >Site

Mt. Head (2002)

The story that unfolds is surreal in nature, but the animation renders it quite riveting. >Nishikata Film Review

Unlike conventional anime where it comes to saving resources with images with very slow camera movements and limited animation, Yamamura animates every frame of his stories, and in addition to visual details, his stories do not present characters with superpowers or ancestral monsters, but they show a sad society with muted colors to indicate the lack of hope we have if we continue traveling along the same path. >ENFILME Cine Todo el Tiempo (Spanish)
The leading figure of his generation, Yamamura best represents the vitality, versatility and artistry of Japanese independent animation, and Mt. Head represents a pivotal point in an oeuvre that has drawn comparisons with influences as disparate as Paul Klee and Monty Python, while remaining true to its cultural roots. The tale of a stingy old man who plunges into madness after tearing out a cherry tree he discovers growing from his head from a pip he has swallowed, it provided the perfect taster to the director’s witty and often grotesque meditations on time, space and identity. >BFI
Upon first viewing Yamamura’s short, it initially seems to simply be a film focused on greed, but dig a little deeper and you’ll uncover various interpretations revolving around society and the environment. Combining wonderful technique, with a resonating, yet easily accessible story, it’s easy to see why Atama Yama has become a firm-favourite for many short film fans who have been lucky enough to see it on the festival scene. >FANTASY ABOUT TRANSFORMATION IN ANIMATION DIRECTED BY KOJI YAMAMURA: Rob Munday
Cortometrajes de Koji Yamamura: Mount Head y The Old Crocodile
Jubei Kibagami 2021.05.07, El Armario Animado >Site

Karo & Piyobpt (1992)

"Keep it in Motion - Classic Animation Revisited: the Karo and Piyobupt trilogy" (By Chris Robinson, January 5, 2017,>Site

Book Reviews

Animating the Spirited Journeys and Transformations (2020)

"Review: Tze-yue G. Hu, Masao Yokota and Gyongyi Horvath (eds.), Animating the Spirited: Journeys and Transformations (2020)" Steven Gil , Fantasy/Animation、2021.04 >Site

Picture Book Reviews

Saigyo Tsutsumigadaki (2019)

These ten thousand creatures If you can see everything, Pretty normal. Motoyuki Shibata (Translator)

Those who have developed their personality too much Living alive while broken. Coo. Hiroshi Homura (Singer)
Japan seems to be home to true demons. They want to scare us, awaken our imagination, And to give our lives a meaningful scale, It was projected realistically from the depths of our unconscious. Jan Schwankmajer (Director, translation: Petr Holly)

Notes on Monstropedia (2016)

These ten thousand creatures If you can see everything, Pretty normal. Motoyuki Shibata (Translator)

Those who have developed their personality too much Living alive while broken. Coo. Hiroshi Homura (Poet)

Japan seems to be home to true demons. They want to scare us, awaken our imagination, And to give our lives a meaningful scale, It was projected realistically from the depths of our unconscious. Jan Schwankmajer (Director, translation: Petr Holly)
Parade (2015)

Kon Hon Yonde! Spring 2016 No. 58 "Did you read it ? New Picture Books100" Interview

KojiYamamura 's Parade(2015.10, Mikiki, Wakigawa Asuka)
Taiko no Oto ga Kikoetara, Saa Syuppatsu!(Introduce New Picture Books Vol.52)(2015.10.26, mi:te)
Monthly MOE February "Hiromatsu Yukiko recomend New Picture Books"(2015.12.29)» Site

Tiny, Giant Tree (2015)

Konohon Yonde! 2016 Spring No. 5: Readers like this picture book of 2015

Yomiuri KODOMO Shinbun(2015.07.16)
Monthly Hon no Mado August issue (Syougakkan, 2015.07.18)Special Feature: Special Interview with the Children's Book “Chiisana Ookina Ki” Commemorative Program: Yumemekura Baku ×Yamamura Koji > BOOK PEOPLE×Hon no Mado
Shinbun Akahata(2015.12.12, "Kodomo no Hon" , Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo, Harashima Megumi » Article

Okao Okao Okao Dayo (2015)

Picture book text grand prize work publication failure of our child positively (2015.05.09 Yomiuri Shimbun evening edition)

Picture Book Award Grand Prize winner, Suma in Kiryu(2015.06.09 @ Kaminoge Shimbun)
Neko to Kone Kone (2015)

The same words have different meanings: Hon Yomiurido: Yomiuri Shimbun(YOMIURI ONLINE、2015.03.19)

My Favorite Things (2015)

[Critic review on children's literature] No.204 (Tanaka Hiko's e-mail magazine)

New Lady Shinbun "Tsuneko Hirose's Children's Book, Hey, Together" (2015.03.36, New Japan Women's Association)

Boiled Egg Princess and Meatballs Thieves (2014)

"650 recommended picture books for creators" (Genkosha, May 30, 2015) Aya Watanabe "Yudetamago Hime to Meet Doro Ball"» Site

Rain Won't (2013)

Picture Book for peace Morino Sakana(Monthly Pumpkin August 2014)

Amenimo MakezuRain Won’t Book review "The World of Kenji Miyazawa Seen by the Eye" Mayami Kumon Kisetsu-fu No.119(2014 Summer
Monthly MOE April "Hiromatsu Yukiko recomend New Picture Books"(2014.03.03)
"Translated by Arthur Binard Amaenimo Makezu, Kenji that read in English" Asahi Junior High Weekly(2014.02.23)
"Kenji's Wish Comes in Poetry Class in English Translated Picture Book ' Asahi Elementary School Newspaper(2014.02.17)
NHK radio "Asaichiban" Keiko Ochiai's Picture Book Time(2014.02.23)
Night on the Galactic Railroad's Miyazawa Kenji Poem Illustrated, Translated(Anime News Network 2014.02.12)
Kenji Miyazawa "Amenimo Makeu Nemo Makeup Notebook" Discovered for 80 years Original exhibition held (Da Vinci News 2014.02.07)
Etv "NHK Tanka"( 2014.02.02)
Illustration March 2014 (2014.02)
Orion Shobo Picture Book Grand Prix December 2013 Picture book Amaenimo Makezu Rain Won't(2013.12)
Miyazawa Kenji"Amenimo Makezu" English translation picture book publication-Asahi Shimbun Digital"Amaenimo Makezu" Fold English Translation @ Asahi Shimbun morning edition: Tokyo 2014.01.13
Kenji's poetry To the world, Rain won't. Picture translated along with the picture “Ame Nimomakezu” (Yomiuri Shimbun Region: Tama 2014.01.07)
Featured new book Amaenimo Makezu Rain Won't (Da Vinci January 2014 issue. 2013.12.31)
Ehon Yomimono New release Amaenimo Makezu Rain Won't by Iwama Kenya, Crayon House (Tokyo Shimbun 2013.12.06)
"Hu Shiou" (Iwate Nichi-Nichi Newspaper front page column) 2013.11.28)
Original picture exhibition: Picture book published by Yamamura Koji in Kunitachi, Tokyo (Mainichi Shimbun2013.11.05)
Picture by Kenji Miyazawa's poem Picture book original picture exhibition of Yamamura Koji: Hon Yomiurido: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun 2013.10.30)

Books with Review Articles

  • Generic placeholder image
    Art for High School Students 1
    High School Art Textbook
    Koji Yamamura's work "Mt. Head" published
    Nihon Bunkyo Shuppan
    Publication: Japan, 2022.01.10 » Site

  • Generic placeholder image
    The Paper Bridge
    Contemporary Theatre and Film Interconnections Between Japan and The West
    edited by Wojciech Otto and Grzegorz Ziółkowski
    Language: English, Published: Poland, 2021
    "Transcultural Exchange in the films of Yamamura Koji" 17 pages
    » Purchase PDF version
  • Generic placeholder image
    We know. Animation is the most important thing in the world
    By Doi Nobuaki
    Seido-Sha, 2021.11.12, Japan
    A world that shakes and trembles - Yamamura Koji "Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor"
    Animals are standing aroundーYamamura Koji "Muybridges's Strings"
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Animation Culture: 55 Keywords
    Edited by Yonemura Miyuki and Sugawa Akiko
    Minerva Shobo
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Rubin's Point: Artistic Body and Mind

    Written by Aya Saito
    Iwanami Shoten
    » amazon

  • Generic placeholder image
    Floating Worlds: A Short History of Japanese Animation
    Maria Roberta Novielli,
    CRC Press, 2018.01.17
    a brief foreword, "Yamamura Koji, The Magician of Form" 4 pages
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    A Book to Understand Animation in the 21st Century
    Doi Nobuaki
    Film Art-sha, 2017.09.25
    article for "Mt. Head", Satie's "Parade", "Notes on Monstropedia"
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Parsonal Harmony
    Yuri Norstein and the Aestehntics Contemporary Animation"
    Nobuaki Doi
    Film Art-sha, 2016.12.20
    article for "Mt. Head"
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Patrick Barrès et Serge Verny
    Editions L'Harmattan (France)
  • Generic placeholder image
    Le Cinéma d'animation en 100 films
    sous la direction de Xavier Kawa Topor et Philippe Moins
    Harmonia Mundi (France)
    3 pages about "Mt. Head"
  • Generic placeholder image
    Clinical psychology from media
    love manga and anime and nurture a healthy place
    Author: Masao Yokota
    Science Company
    Discusses "Muybridge's Strings" at the Chapter 11 "The Reality Looks Distorted"
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Animation: A World History: Volume III
    Giannalberto Bendazzi
    Focal Press, 2015.11.06
    2 pages about Yamamura Koji
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Japanese 20th Century Art
    Supervision: Tadayasu Sakai and others
    Edit: Tokyo Art Club
    article for "Mt. Head"(2002)
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Anime Evrything Book
    Supervision: Shinichi Suzuki
    POPLAR Publishing
    article for Au Praxinoscope, "Mt. Head" and "Franz Kafka's Muybridge's Strings"
    » POPLAR Publishing
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Storia del cinema d'animazione
    Maria Robert Novielli
    About Yamamura Koji works
  • Generic placeholder image
    The Japan Culture Book
    Author: Fumiko Miura / English translation: Alan Gleason
    Japane Times
    article for "Mt. Head"(2002)
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    SouZou no Genba
    Monthly Pen Editorial department, Photo by Benjamin Lee
    Hankyu Communications Company
    Atria photos and interviews posted
    » Pen Books
    » amazon
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    Japanese Animation Creators
    일본 애니메이션의 크리에이터들
    Essey for Koji Yamamura Works
  • Generic placeholder image
    Listen to the movie
    a new movie story starting with hearing
    Junichi Onuma
    Disk Union
    Original score II "Mt. Head" (2002) and music / sound / voice "Koji Yamamura Animation" in two chapters to explain and analyze the sound of my work.
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Dictionary of Awards for Manga and Anime
    NichiGai Associates
    Cooperation to provide list information of international animation film festivals such as Annecy compiled by Animations
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    2013 High School Art Textbook
    Hikarimura Books
    Somatrope "Kipling Jr. and Chair" published
    » Art1
  • Generic placeholder image
    Japanese Motion Graphic Creator 100, 2012
    BNN Shinsha
    Posted two stills of "Mt. Head"(2002) at Hiroshima International Animation Festival
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Les fondamentaux de l'animation
    Paul Wells
    Editions Pyramyd
    1st edition: 2011.01.05
    "Mt. Head"(2002)
  • Generic placeholder image
    Japanese movies in the digital age-for new movies-
    By: Mitsuyo Wada Marciano
    Nagoya University Press
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    SO + ZO Exhibition
    "The past and present of modeling that opens the future: 1960s
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Cute Recipes for Cute Movies.
    Wani Mook Series (91)
    Se-taka-no-topo no Basket Sandwich/Pacusi's Sweet Buns
    Wani Books, Inc.
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Japanese Animation: Time Out of Mind
    Chris Robinson
    John Libbey & Co Ltd
    1st edition: 2010.12.20
    » amazon
    Koji Yamamura
  • Generic placeholder image
    Film Art Sha
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Psychological Analysis of Japanese-Korean Animation-Encounters, Relationships, Lock-ups
    Visual Culture Series
    By Masao Yokota
    Risen Book co
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Official Book
    aguerreo Publishing
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Fantastic Animation II Making Guide Revised Edition
    By Hiruma Yukio
    Soft Magic
    Magazine Five
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Reading Guide for 12-Year-Olds: Overseas Works
    Written by Kanehara Mizuto
    Subaru Publishing Co.
    December 26, 2006
    The picture book "The Old Crocodile" is introduced.
    » amazon
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    Japanese Motion Graphic Creator 100
    with DVD
    » amazon
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    이미지의 제국: 일본 열도 위의 애니메이션
    김준양 金俊壌
    Hannarae Publishing Co.,
    "Mt. Head"(2002)
  • Generic placeholder image
    The Fundamentals of Animation
    Paul Wells, Ava Pub
    1st edition: 2006/8/30
    Drawing and Aesthetic Tradition:
    "Mt. Head"(2002) making
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Who's Who in animated cartoons
    Jeff Lenburg
    Applause Books
    1st edition: 2006.06.01
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    Beginning with da Vinci
    By Fuse Hidetoshi
    » amazon
  • Generic placeholder image
    From Pencil to Pixel, the World of Cartoon, Anime, and CGI
    Harper Design
    1st edition: 2004.11.01
    » amazon
    "Mt. Head"(2002)
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    Animation Course for People Who Make Alone
    By Hiruma Yukio
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    For Employment - Current Terminology You Need to Remember (2006 Edition)
    Takahashi Shoten
    "Mt. Head" in the "Japanese Animation" section
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    Storyboard Universe
    supervision: Moriyama Tomomi
    Yamamura Koji "Mt. Head"(2002)
    Bijutsu Shuppan-Sha
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    Best 150 Animations of the World and Japan
    Fusion products
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    Art 2nd and 3rd lower
    Art textbook for lower secondary school
    2002, Nihon Bunkyou Shuppan
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    A Wonderful World of Art Animation
    Esquire Magazine Japan
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    Nippon Movie TV Complete Works
    Kinema Junposha
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    Encyclopedia of manga artists and anime writers

    Nichigai Associates
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    Animated Ball Box
    Yoko Gomi
    Fusion products
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    RETAS! PRO Infinity
    Co-author: Kuniharu Okano, Shigenobu Kaifeng, Yoshito Kuwa, Taro Koga, Yoshihiro Owada
    Softbank publishing
    Book + CDrom) Gallery: "Which one do you want?"
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    Utsuru Ugoku "Video Game" Expedition
    Children's Castle AV Division / Edited
    Central law
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Yamamura Animation, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
Yamamura Koji