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    Japanaise KOJI YAMAMURA ses meilleurs courts-merages
    ses meilleurs courts-merages
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    Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor & Other Fantastic Films
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    야마무라 코지 단편 애니메이션 한정판 컬렉
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    Koji Yamamura Film Works
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    Mt. Head
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    Miru Kit
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みる・しる・つくる アニメーション・キット
Miru Shiru Tsukur Animation Kit
| VHS. DVD, booklet, work collection | 1995 | Japan | SD | 4:3 | Japanese |

Production, editing, animation: Koji Yamamura
Publisher: Children's Castle AV Division

MIRU KIT (VHS, DVD): An original animation and a making video that introduces how to make an animation in a fun way.
Shiru Kit (booklet, 4-color printing, 32 pages):
A "monitoring reader" that explains the process of creating an animation by mixing illustrations and photographs of the production scenery. Also features interviews with animation artists and the history of various video devices.
Supervision: The Imaging Society of Japan
Crafting kit (work collection): A collection of old-fashioned video toy craft patterns that move in a simple way. With detailed commentary.

みる・しる・つくる アニメーション・キット
Yamamura Animation, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
Yamamura Koji