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このウェブサイトは、文化庁 メディア芸術アーカイブ推進支援事業の一環として2020年よりヤマムラアニメーションが制作しています。アニメーション作家・山村浩二作品の原画を中心に、スケッチ、絵コンテ、オブジェ、メーキング、作品スチールなど作品資料の画像を公開しています。現在約10,300点以上の画像が閲覧できます。

特に「頭山」の原画が充実しています。 ヤマムラアニメーション所蔵のほぼ全ての原画、絵コンテ、スケッチなどをアップしました。


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Archive of YAMAMURA Koji's Works

This website is produced and managed since 2020 by Yamamura Animation, inc., with the support of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, as part of its Media Archive project. It consists of original materials created by YAMAMURA Koji for his animated works : mainly key animation drawings, but also sketches, storyboards, objects, production scene elements, and still images from the films. Currently, about 10,300 images can be viewed.

As a special focus, original key animation drawings for Mt. Head form a particularly rich ensemble. Almost all the original drawings, storyboards and sketches preserved as part of the company’s collection have been uploaded.
>Go to the page featuring the original drawings from Mt. Head

Reproduction, copying, as well as any kind of data reuse from this archive system is strictly prohibited for any commercial purposes.
If you wish to use any visual elements for research purposes, please be sure to contact the following office Yamamura Animation in advance and firstly obtain the approval of the secretariat.

Yamamura Animation:
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1964年生まれ。「頭山」がアヌシー、ザグレブをはじめ世界の主要なアニメーション映画祭で6つのグランプリを受賞、第75回アカデミー賞®短編アニメーション部門にノミネート。代表作に「年をとった鰐」、「カフカ 田舎医者」、「パクシ」など。

Biography: Yamamura Koji
Born in 1964, Koji started working on animated films as an amateur, at the age of 13. During the 1990s, he explored various styles and techniques while working mainly on films for children. Nominated at the Oscars for Best Animated Short, "Mt. Head" marked a turning point, leading him to join the world’s most renowned animation filmmakers. His major works since include "The Old Crocodile" (2005), "Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor" (2007) and "Muybridge’s Strings" (2011). His films were awarded with more than 90 prizes, including Grand Prizes at the four most important international animation film festivals: Annecy, Zagreb, Ottawa and Hiroshima. He has been part of many international juries, and has held numerous retrospective screenings around the world. He was rewarded with the National Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2019.
Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Professor at the Tokyo University of the Arts.

>Yamamura Koji CV
フィルモグラフィー | 1978-1989 | 1990-1999 | 2000-2009 | 2010-2019 | Filmography
1978 しょーとしょーとしょうげきじょう
1979 台所会議
1984 オーム博士星へ行く
1985 博物誌
1985 小夜曲
1986 淡水
1987 水棲
1987 天体譜
1988 Ding Dong
1988 月の小壜
1989 ひゃっかずかん
1990 遠近法の箱
1991 ふしぎなエレベーター
1992 カロとピヨブプト
1993 金魚の一生
1994 パクシ
1994 真夜中の王国
1995 キップリングJr.
1995 キッズキャッスル
1996 バベルの本
1998 地球肋骨男
1999 Vibe
1999 REMtv "CARP"
1999 どっちにする?
1999 ジュビリー
2001 伝説のワニ、ジェイク
2001 あさごはんマーチ
2002 頭山
2002 おまけ
2003 冬の日
2005 年をとった鰐
2005 無花果
2007 カフカ 田舎医者
2007 こどもの形而上学
2010 あめふりくまのこ
2011 マイブリッジの糸
2011 鶴下絵和歌巻
2011 マイクロストーリー
2013 古事記 日向篇
2013 five fire fish
2014 鐘声色彩幻想
2016 サティの「パラード」
2016 怪物学抄
2016 干支1/3
2017 水の夢
2017 べるがなる
2017 Archive of Lights
2019 ゆめみのえ
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1978 Short Short Show Theater
1979 Council at the Kitchen
1984 Dr. Owm Goes to the Star
1985 Natural History
1985 Serenade
1986 Freshwater
1987 Aquatic
1987 Heavenly Bodies's Score
1988 Ding Dong
1988 Little Lunar Jug
1989 Japanese-English Pictionary
1990 Perspektivenbox
1991 The Elevator
1992 Karo and Piyobpt
1993 Short and Happy Life of a Goldfish
1994 Pacusi
1994 Midnight Kingdam
1995 Kipling Jr.
1995 Kid's Castle
1996 Bavel's Book
1998 Mr. Rib Globe
1999 Vibe
1999 REMtv "CARP"
1999 Your Choice!
1999 Jubilee
2001 Legendary Crocodile, Jake and His Fellows
2001 Asagohan March
2002 Mt. Head
2002 Pieces
2003 Winter Day
2005 The Old Crocodile
2005 Fig
2007 Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor
2007 A Child's Metaphysics
2010 Little Bear in the Rain
2011 Muybridge's Strings
2011 Anthology with Cranes
2011 micro story
2013 The Hyuga Episode of Kojiki
2013 five fire fish
2014 Begone Bell Care
2016 Satie's "Parade"
2016 Notes on Monstropedia
2016 Zodiac One Third
2017 Water Dream
2017 Bells are Ring
2017 Archive of Lights
2019 Dreams into Drawing
2004 八王子夢美術館
2005 愛知万博
2006 広島市現代美術館
2007 国際グラフィックアート・センター
2010 シネマテーク・ケベコワーズ
2011 ミキモトホール
2013 北アルプス展望美術館
2004 Hachioji Yume Art Museum
2005 Expo Aichi
2006 Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
2007 International Cenetr of Graphic Arts
2010 Cinémathèque Québécoise
2011 Mikimoto Hall
2013 Azmino Art Line North Alps Tenbo Museum
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